Mufti Yaks

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Mufti Yaks

Mufti Yaks

About Me

Mufti Yaks is a motivational and inspirational speaker.

He was born and raised in Nigeria.

He goes around promoting the message of peace.

Know your purpose of existence and prepare for the hereafter.

He tries to explain and make people understand the problems of communities and different societies across the globe and how those problems can be solved.

He is very passionate about kids and children who find themselves in homes where there is no love and good family relationship.

He was granted an award for being an exemplary inspirational speaker.

“Let your kids make friends with the less fortunate. They’ll know what life is all about. They’ll learn sympathy, kindness, gratitude and humility. If you block all these, they grow up thinking everyone is like them and society will hate them because they may develop pride.”

- Mufti Yaks

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